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Dr. Sarita Rao: Spearheading Heart Surgery in Indore – A Top Cardiologist

Dr. Sarita Rao is a legendary figure in the medical field, and her contributions have helped innumerable people in Indore and beyond. 

Indore, India-based eminent interventional cardiologist Dr. Sarita Rao is one of the most well-known and esteemed figures in the field of cardiology. Dr. Rao is a recognized authority in cardiac care and surgery, having practiced for over 20 years and making significant contributions to the improvement of cardiac care in Indore and throughout Central India.

An Industry Pioneer in Heart Care

The medical career of Dr. Rao started with an MBBS from MGM Medical College and Hospital, continued with an MD from Patna Medical College and Hospital, and ultimately culminated in a DM in Cardiology and a DNB in Internal Medicine. With over 20,000 cardiac procedures under her belt, her career in cardiology—and particularly interventional cardiology—is a testimonial to her passion and commitment to the field.

Innovations and Firsts

As the Director of the Cath-Lab and Senior Interventional Cardiologist at Apollo Hospital in Indore, Dr Rao has brought several innovative procedures and techniques to her practice. She demonstrated leadership in the adoption of novel therapies for heart conditions by becoming the first female surgeon in the SARC countries to perform the Live TAAVI operation.

Educator and Mentor

Dr. Rao is dedicated to more than just her clinical work; she also loves teaching and passing on what she has learned. In addition to her work as a faculty member, she has given guest lectures and participated in national and international conferences at a number of medical institutions. She goes to great lengths to ensure that cardiology continues to be practiced at a high standard by mentoring future generations of medical professionals.

Notoriety and Praise

Dr. Rao has made significant contributions to cardiology and society as a whole, and her many accolades are a testament to her professional competence. She was a trailblazer for women in cardiology, and her numerous honours reflect that. They include prizes for medical service, distinction in cardiology, and women’s empowerment.

A Commitment to Excellence

There is no wavering in Dr. Rao’s dedication to her patients and the medical community. A member of the European Society of Cardiology and the Cardiological Society of India, among others, she stays abreast of advances in cardiac treatment because of her involvement in these and other professional organizations.

To conclude 

The life and work of Dr. Sarita Rao are an examples of how commitment, creativity, and learning can change the face of cardiac care. Not only does she raise the bar for cardiac treatment in Indore, but her innovations and leadership have become an international standard for the profession. A classic in the field of cardiology, her story is both an inspiration and a cautionary tale about the limits of human potential in the face of medical progress.

For more detailed information about Dr. Sarita Rao and her contributions to cardiology, please visit her official website​​.

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