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Angiography is a process to determine the percentage of blockage in the main arteries of the heart and also to detect any narrowing of the arteries that can cause a heart ailment. The process itself is very minimally invasive and can be performed in a matter of minutes. For traditional angiography, the doctor inserts a catheter that will pass through an artery located near the arm, upper thigh or groin. This is decided by the doctor on various medical factors. This process is done with local anesthesia and is very quick and with hardly any complications. The doctor then injects a contrast dye into the bloodstream for it to flow in the blood which will then be subjected to X-Ray. The X-Ray pictures will make the bloodstreams stand out due to the contrasting color of the dye and allow the doctor to make a diagnosis of the ailment, blockage or narrowing of the blood vessels. With technological advancements, not all angiography procedures include X-Rays they may also be conducted with the aid of CT scans and MRIs.

Best Angiography in Indore | Top Cardiologist

When will an Angiography be required?

Patients showing symptoms of heart diseases are the ones that are prescribed an angiography. There may be other conditions or situations when a doctor may ask you to get an angiography done. Let’s look into some conditions that prompt the doctor to do an angiography process on you.

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Benefits of having an Angiography done