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A stent implant usually follows an angioplasty procedure, wherein a small metal mesh tube device is implanted in the artery to keep open a blocked area in an artery.

The stent implant is an after-process of an angioplasty. Once the blocked area of an artery is opened with angioplasty or ballooning technique then the stent, a small metal mesh tube device is placed in the opened up place.

The stent is pressed into the artery and it works as a scaffold to keep the arty open and will remain in the place permanently. Now there are also stents with drug-eluting capabilities.

These stents help in preventing the blood vessel from being affected again with blockage due to plaque and restricted blood flow. These drugs keep the artery away from restenosis.

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When is a stent implant required?

A stent implant is a process that keeps your blood vessel open permanently and normalizes your blood flow and stents that are drug-eluting can also prevent the reformation of plaque in the same area. This implant also helps in reducing the pressure on the heart muscles to maintain blood flow due to blockage by allowing the free flow of blood. Stent Implant is done in the below case as per diagnosis of the Cardiac surgeon:

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Benefits of Implanting Stent