Best Pacemaker implantation in Indore

Pacemaker a tiny device that is planted below the skin in your chest to control your heartbeats.

The process is relatively straightforward as far as the surgeon is concerned. If in a very huge hospital with many specialists an Electrophysiologist who specializes in Heart rhythm disorder would do the implant of the pacemaker.

A heart surgeon is also equally trained and competent for the same procedure. A slit is made near the color bone and the wires are guided through the blood vessel to the heart which then lodges into the tissues of the heart. The generator or the main instrument is placed in a pocket-like cavity made beneath the skin in the chest to place the pacemaker.

The procedure is mostly done under local anesthesia and the patient can return home the same day or in a couple of days as per the advice of the surgeon.

Best Pacemaker implantation in MP | Best Heart Specialist in Indore

When Pacemaker should be required?


The heart normally beats at a pace of 60-100 times per minute. If your heart is not beating the normal rhythm or is very irregular in its rhythm it might be a sign of a heart problem. A pacemaker is usually installed to keep your heartbeat in control. They may also be implanted for a temporary period after surgery or with medications that normally slow down your heartbeat. It can be permanently installed in a body with a permanently slow or irregular heartbeat.

Best Pacemaker implantation in Indore

Benefits of Pacemaker

A pacemaker may not be a cure for Heart diseases nor could it prevent a heart attack but they have surely made life for people with slower or irregular heartbeat a bit more easier. The newer technological advancements in pacemakers have also sensors that detect an increase in activity of the body and regulate the heartbeat accordingly. During exercises, the pacemaker generates faster heartbeats for the heart.