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How Heat Waves Impact on Heart Health and Tips for Staying Safe

The human heart is a remarkable and complex organ that serves as the vital center of the body’s circulatory system. This fist-sized muscle, located slightly to the left of the center of the chest, is responsible for continuously pumping oxygenated blood throughout the entire body. This constant cycle of blood flow is what sustains life, […]

Top Cardiologist in MP

Environmental Factors and Their Impact on Cardiovascular Health

The city of Indore, in the Indian state of Madhya Pradesh, is rapidly becoming a centre for medical excellence, especially in the field of cardiology. Those in need of heart care can get solace and competent treatment from Dr. Sarita Rao, who is well-regarded as both a top cardiologist and the greatest cardiac surgeon in […]

Heart Specialist In Indore

Heart Specialist In Indore – Easy Ways to Improve Your Health

When it comes to cardiology, Indore is home to some of India’s top hospitals and doctors. Dr. Sarita Rao provides cutting-edge care and novel therapies; she is a prominent female heart specialist in India and one of the best cardiologists in Indore. Her hard work and knowledge have made her famous all over India, not […]

Heart Specialist in Indore

The Impact of Air Pollution on Heart Health

Air pollution has emerged as a major threat to cardiovascular health in today’s fast-paced urban environments, where pollution from factories and cars looms large over cityscapes. In this context, knowing the effects of air pollution and how to lessen them is of the utmost importance, especially in exceptionally polluted areas like Indore. The presence of […]