Best Rotablation procedure in Indore

Rotablation is a process that attempts to widen a narrowing in a coronary artery by boring out the blockage. This process is done when the blockage or narrowing is not responding to angioplasty through stenting.

The process is almost similar to an angioplasty using a catheter to reach the blocked area of the blood vessel and clearing it.

In this method as the stenting or ballooning does not give you the desired results another tool is used to clear the blockage.

The process is the same as in the angioplasty with a small incision to the groin or wrist to reach the blocked area of the artery aided by a catheter and then a specially-designed burr is used to grind away the blockage. In this process also a dye is used to guide the surgeon to the right place of the block.

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When is Rotablation required?

When a person has harder blockage than normal and this cannot be cleared by ballooning or the narrowing is too small for the balloon to pass then a Rotablation technique is used to bore the hardened plaque with a specially designed burr.

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Benefits of Rotablation