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‘Angio’ means blood vessels and ‘plasty’ means opening up. The medical procedure of opening up blocked or narrow arteries around the heart to ensure better blood flow through the arteries is known as Angioplasty.

The process is done by inserting a catheter through an incision near the wrist, thigh, or groin towards the artery that needs the treatment. This catheter is usually attached to a balloon that displaces the plaque and blocks opening up the artery and easing the blood flow. Doctors are aided by X-Rays and contrast dyes to guide the catheter to the affected area and assess the arteries and the treatment required.

There are two types or variations to angioplasty that may be performed according to the assessment of the cardiologist. The first process of Angioplasty involves inflating a balloon to clear the plaque blocking an artery, called balloon angioplasty. This is very rarely done and it is done because the second type of angioplasty is not possible or difficult in that area.

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The angioplasty in which a stent placement is done to prevent the narrowing of the blood vessels. Stents made of bare metal or coated with medication are used to open up the blockage and keep the blood vessel from narrowing again. Drug-Eluting Stents (DES) or the medically coated stent keep the blockage open as well as keep it from being blocked again.

When will an Angioplasty be required?

Angioplasty is a process that normalizes your blood flow that has been reduced by blockage or narrowing of blood vessels and reducing pressure on the heart to pump more vigorously. Angioplasty will be done according to the diagnosis of a cardiac expert in cases or conditions listed below

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Benefits of Angioplasty

The main benefit of Angioplasty is its fast process period and it is minimally invasive too. The benefits also include: