Dr. Sarita Rao- Interventional Cardiologist in Indore

Apollo Hospitals, Indore

Interventional Cardiologist

Dr. Sarita Rao, Senior Intervention cardiologist, with experience of 21+ years in the field of Cardiac Surgery and has been associated with the top hospital in Indore Apollo Hospital. She also handles the additional responsibility of being the Director Cath-Lab and is instrumental in performing more than 20000 cardiac procedures in this ultra-modern hospital facility.

She has been a torchbearer for many new procedures in central India and she is the first female surgeon to have conducted the Live TAAVI procedure in the whole of SARC Countries. Her intellectual pursuits have been recognized in many National and International journals through publications of her research works.

She is also very versatile in imparting her gained knowledge for the larger betterment of the society and has been actively been imparting know-how to students, peers, and other medical fraternity members through guest lectures, by being faculty at different medical institutions, presentations, and seminars.

Successful Procedures
Dr. Sarita Rao - Interventional Cardiologist


Professional Work & Teaching Positions


In 1992, She got Gold Medal in Biochemistry

In 1994, She got Gold Medal in Pathology and Microbiology

In 1994, She got Gold Medal in Pharmacology

In 1994, She got Gold Medal in Preventive and Social Medicine

In 1994, She got Dr. Bharat Prasad Kashyap Memorial Gold Medal for Overall Excellence

In 1996, She got Gold Medal in Surgery

In 1996, She got Gold Medal in Obstetrics and Gynaecology

In 2009, She got Best Speaker award in Indo-European course of Revascularization

In 2015, She got Best Case of the Session award in NIC, Hyderabad

In 2016, She got Dr. S.K. Mukherjee Award for Medical Service

In 2021, She has done the First Renal Denevation Therapy in SAARC Countries


In 2021, She is the first women to start Intravascular Lithotripsy Procedure in India

Memberships/Activities in Professional and Scientific Societies

Licensure Information

Teaching & Invited Lectures


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  • E.V.L.T – A new modality of treatment for age old problem of Venous Incompetence- Cardiology today March 2006
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  • Effect of IV NICORANDIL on in Hospital Outcome of Acute Myocardial Infraction Abstract Publication in Indian Heart Journal, Dec 2005
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